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About Digilegal...

Digilegal initiated its first venture in 2000 with the launch of the software of Bombay High Court Judgments. Today, the company offers a range of products in Online / Offline formats. Fully realizing that 'Online' is the fast-growing industry in the world, Digilegal provides the 'fastest and easiest' solution to avail judgments and statutes pertinent to the practitioner.
Ignorance of the law is not a defence in any court in India. So, whether you're a lawyer, a professional of another calling, a businessman or doing a job, you are bound to be affected by the law. Whether it's the Motor Vehicle Act that affects you while riding your vehicle on the road or the India Penal Code that affects you whenever there's a crime that involves a family member, you will be affected by the law at any and every point of time in your life.

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  • Sharing judgment via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email etc.
  • Linking of all the Acts and Rules
  • Linking of Cases referred, Referred In Cases & Overruled Cases.
  • Google search which gives Exact and Relavant results.
  • Auto Save History
  • Multiple selection of database/courts/products at a same time.
  • Refine Search
  • Save judgements in PDF format.
  • Bold,Underline and change the font style and size of the judgement.
  • Bookmark Cases
  • Android Application downloadable from Google Playstore
  • Translation of Judgement in any regional languages.


Supreme Court
1950 Onwards

Full text judgments of Supreme Court from 1950 onwards with head notes on all aspect of law. Covering cross reference citations of all the prominent journals i.e. AIR (SC), AIR (SCW), Supreme Court Cases (SCC), Judgment Today (JT), Scale and Supreme Today.

All High Courts 1899 Onwards

It contains judgments of all High Courts of India from 1899 onwards with cross reference citations of Madras Law Journal, Calcutta Law Times, Allahabad Law Reports, Delhi Law Times, Gujarat Law Reporter, Karnataka Law Journal, M.P. Law Journal, J.K.Law Reporter, Rajasthan Law Weekly, Punjab Law Reporter, Kerela Law Times, Bombay Cases Reporter, Maharashtra Law Journal, Andhra Law Times, Uttranchal Cases, Shimla Law Cases, Goa Law Reporter and all the citations of All India Reporter, Crimes, Criminal Law Journal and many more.

Bombay High Court 1899 onwards with True Print of BCR

It contains judgments of Bombay High Court from 1899 onwards with cross reference citations of Bombay Cases Reporter, Bombay Cases Reporter (Cri.), AIR (Bom.), AIR (BHR.), Maharashtra Law Journal, Maharashtra Law Journal (Cri.), All Maharashtra Law Reporter (Civil & Criminal), Goa Law Times, Goa Law Reporter & Bombay Law Reporter.

Privy Council
1913 - 1950

It contains the judgments of Privy Council from 1913 to 1950 with cross reference citation of All India Reporter (P.C.).


It covers judgments of Supreme Court, All High Courts, DRATS and DRT'S on banking issues with cross reference citations of Bankers Journal, Banking Cases, All India Banking Law Judgments, Debt Recovery Tribunal Cases and many more.


It covers judgments of Supreme Court & All High Courts from 1950 onwards on Criminal issues with cross reference citations of Crimes, Criminal Law Journal, Criminal Ruling, Bombay Cases Reporter (Cri.), Maharashtra Law Journal (Cri.), SCC (Cri.), Andhra Legal Decision (Cri.), Madras Law Journal (Cri.), All Maharashtra law Reporter (Cri.) & many more.

Dishonour of Cheque Cases

It covers judgments of Supreme Court & All High Courts from 1991 onwards on all the cheque bounce cases with cross reference citations of Dishonour of Cheque Reporter, Crimes, Criminal Law Journal, Criminal Ruling, Bombay Cases Reporter (Cri.), Maharashtra Law Journal (Cri.), SCC (Cri.), All Maharashtra Law Reporter (Cri.) & many more.

Motor Accident Cases

It covers judgments of Supreme Court & All High Courts from 1977 onwards on Motor Accident Cases with cross reference citations of Transport and Accident Cases (TAC), Accident & Compensation Cases (ACC), Accident Claims Journal (ACJ) & many more.


  • National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT)
  • National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)
  • National Green Tribunal (NGT)
  • National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC)
  • State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (SCDRC)

Central and State Acts with Rules

It contains all Central Acts & Rules of India along with Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir state Acts with Rules.. It has got the option of taking print out of full Act as well as particular Section or Rules.

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