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About Us

About us

We define ourselves as Legal Research Experts here in the Industry with more than 47 Years of Experience.

Bombay Cases Reporter the complete law journal of Bombay High Court is serving to the bench and Bar for last 47 years with pardonable time the company has ventured into electronic since 2000 as Digilegal. Company needs no introduction to the legal fraternity, however, with pardonable pride, we wish to place before you our achievements in the span of 21 years we have been in Law software development.

We have a tendency to believe the idea that a strong legal research is answering three basic questions?

  • What are the Facts?
  • What is the actual Legal Issue?
  • What are the Relevant Citations?.

Digilegal initiated its first venture in 2000 with the launch of the software of Bombay High Court Judgments. Today, the company offers a range of products in Online / Offline formats. Fully realizing that 'Online' is the fast-growing industry in the world, Digilegal provides the 'fastest and easiest' solution to avail judgments and statutes pertinent to the practitioner.

Ignorance of the law is not a defence in any court in India. So, whether you're a lawyer, a professional of another calling, a businessman or doing a job, you are bound to be affected by the law. Whether it's the Motor Vehicle Act that affects you while riding your vehicle on the road or the India Penal Code that affects you whenever there's a crime that involves a family member, you will be affected by the law at any and every point of time in your life. It's important, now than ever before, that you not just know the law but keep abreast with the latest in law. And, that isn't an easy task. But, we can help make a difference

We, at Digilegal Services Pvt. Ltd., have been serving the Bench and the Bar since the last decade providing the "most-comprehensive database" of the Supreme Court and All High Courts Judgments of India from 1899 onwards. Ours is an exhaustive Database Resource to provide speedy, complete, comprehensive data. Also, being organized in a structured manner, the entire data can easily be updated through the Internet.

We aim to serve members of the Law fraternity, the innocuous reader and the demanding researcher by making legal research simpler, the process of recall easier and provide a similar platform to share the information thereby boosting mutual understanding between Bench and the Bar. We constantly strive to notch perfection and excellence in quality evident in our products created with painstaking efforts. Primarily providing legal assistance to legal fraternity by providing the latest in case laws / judgments and Acts/ Statutes along with the Rules of India on myriad subjects such as Civil, Criminal, Evidence, Constitution, Labour, Revenue, Taxations, etc.

Keeping pace with state-of-the-art technology, We, at Digilegal, have developed an online and offline database of Supreme Court and All High Court's software that enables access to all the reportable judgments of various journals from 1899 onwards, with cross citations indicating the other journals where the judgments are reported.

Fully aware of our humble background and the niche needs of legal practitioners, we aim to spread legal knowledge and help assist in improving standards but ensure that our products are priced well within reach. In reaching out solutions, we have ensured that our products are very user friendly and easy to operate. After all, we need to fulfill the needs of senior practitioners who may not be very comfortable with the technology. We are based in Mumbai and have a strong network as well as a backup team to provide assistance and support to any subscriber located in any part of India.

Digilegal has achieved a milestone of sorts by providing the legal data-based software to all the Judicial Officers and Bar Association's library in state of Maharashtra and Goa. The software's are also been used by all the courts whether it is Bombay High Court and its benches at Nagpur, Aurangabad, and Goa, it is also been used by district court or lower courts in Maharashtra. The software's has also been provided to all the Bar associations of Maharashtra and Goa under the E-Library scheme launched by Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa. The company has been awarded with the award by Chief Justice of India for providing first E-library in India.